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Front/Rear Axle Pull, Lower Right Fork Leg Guards for:


The Enduro Engineering Axle Pull makes wheel maintenance a breeze with this time saver. Made of billet aluminum, this is extremely handy when it comes time to change a tire. Enduro Engineering owner Alan Randt is the mechanic and sponsor of US Enduro Champion Mike Lafferty.  These products have been conceived and developed throughout years of competing with KTM motorcycles.
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  NOTE: Do not over tighten the axle pull as it can cause the axle to bulge and not fit properly.
  Be sure to add a little thread lock to all axle pulls during installation.

FRONT Axle Pull Handle Insert EE-21016 - KTM/Husqvarna/Gas Gas
Fits KTM 125-500cc all models 2016-21, 125-450 XC/XC-F/SX/SX-F 2015
Fits Husqvarna 125-501cc all models 2016-21, FC/TC 125-501cc 2016-21
Fits Gas Gas EC 300, EX 250F/300/350F/450F, MC 125/250F/450F 2021


REAR Axle Pull Handle Insert EE-23056 - KTM/Husqvarna/Gas Gas/Husaberg
Fits KTM 125-530cc all models 2004-12, XCW/XCFW/EXC 2013-21
Fits Husqvarna 125-501cc all models (except 2015 250/450 FC) 2014-15,
TE/FE 125-501cc 2016-21
Fits Husaberg all models 2009-14
Fits Gas Gas EC 300 2021

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Lower Right Fork Leg Guard EE-32246 - KTM/HQV/GG
Fits KTM 125-450 XC/XC-F/SX/SX-F 2015, 125-500 all models 2016-21
Fits HQV FC/TC 125-450 2015, 125-501 all models 2016-21
Fits Gas Gas EX 250F/300/350F/450F, MC 125/250F/450F 2021

MSRP $49.95

Axle Pull Hand Inserts - Front/Rear

Front Axle Pull EE-21016 (21-016)
Rear Axle Pull EE-23056 (23-056)
Lower Right Fork Leg Guard

EE Lower Right Fork Leg Guard EE-32246 (32-246)