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Grip Heater Kits - 12 Volt

  Tired of hugging your engine or exhaust pipe to keep your hands from freezing? Grip heaters are required equipment for anyone who rides in cold weather. If your motorcycle or ATV has a headlight or battery and charging system, and you don't use grip heaters, you don't know what you are missing.

  These grip heaters feature self adhesive pads that are installed under your favorite grips to keep your hands warm in cold weather. Power is drawn from the bike's lighting system, and grip temperature is controlled by a 3-way switch (Low - Off - High).

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12 Volt Grip Heater Kit
Use on any motorcycle or ATV with a battery and charging system or a lighting coil. Install under grips.

MSRP $39.95

12 Volt Grip Heater Kit (3 Packs)
Equips 3 Motorcycles or ATVs. Come in pairs.

MSRP $119.85

NOTE:  On motorcycles with twist-grip throttles, the right grip will always be thinner than the left grip in order to keep the outside diameter the same. This means that the right grip will always be warmer than the left grip when using grip heaters. We know of people who wrap the left end of their handlebar with a single layer of athletic tape to reduce heat transfer to aluminum handlebars.  If you choose to try this, make sure you use safety wire to secure your grips.  Do not over tighten safety wire over the grip heater grids.

Grip Heaters Kit - EE-15054 / EE-15054-3
EE-15054 / EE-15054-3 Installations