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Complete Comfort Seats / Comfort Seat Foam and Cover Kits
Offroad / Dual Sport / Adventure Motorcycles



Seat Concepts offers Super Grip race seats, standard Comfort seats, and their newest XL Super Comfort seat for select models. Seat Concepts seat foams are molded in house and feature their own proprietary foam blend that is custom blended for each application.

Complete seats or "Do It Yourself" foam and cover kits with detailed instructions for easy installation are available for most Seat Concepts seats.

Comfort seats have a wider seating area towards the rear of the seat for greatly increased comfort on long rides, but remain narrow at the front of the seat to not interfere with an aggressive riding style. This shape helps spread the load over more surface area to alleviate pressure points.

The new XL Super Comfort seat is almost 1 1/2 inches wider in the seating area than the standard Comfort seat for increased comfort on those long days in the saddle.

Super Grip race seats use Seat Concepts proprietary foam blend for increased comfort and durability, but retain the OEM shape with a very aggressive Super Grip cover. This is a race seat, not a comfort seat.