Watertight Wheel Spacer, Bearing and Seal Kits

Do you pressure wash your bike or frequently ride in wet or muddy conditions?  The Pivot Works Watertight Wheel Collar Kit uses an internal o-ring inside the wheel spacer, sealing the gap between the spacer and axle, effectively blocking the water and helping prevent oxidation to the bearings and spacers inside your hub.

Each complete Pivot Works Watertight Wheel Collar Kit includes the watertight wheel spacers, o-rings, wheel bearings and seals, and installation is quite easy.

Shock Thrust Bearing Kits

The Pivot Works Shock Thrust Bearing Kit eliminates compromised shock performance due to worn bearings. It is designed to reduce binding in the shock spring as it compresses.
  Eases preload adjustment.
  Prevents spring binding during compression and rebound.
  Sealed to prevent contamination of bearing.
  Provides consistent spring action.
Each Pivot Works Bearings Kit contains both the upper and lower OE quality shock bearings in one complete kit.