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Fork Seal Doctor
The Seal Doctor is a tool that removes the dirt that is trapped which causes leaky fork seals. Instead of having new seals installed, the Risk Racing Seal Doctor cleans out the dirt, making for a tight seal once again and no more leaking. Also check the fork leg for scratches, repair if necessary and replace damaged for seals. The Seal Doctor also comes with a protective holder so that it can be stored safely in your toolbox or trail pack ensuring you always have the appropriate fork seal tool for the job.

To use the Seal Doctor, just lower the dust seal and snap the Seal Doctor on your fork tube. Then insert it into the leaky seal and twist. The design of the Seal Doctor maintains the proper position and angle as you rotate around your fork tube. You don't even need to remove most fork guards. It is important to note that it effortlessly pulls the dirt OUT of the fork rather than pushing it deeper into the fork. You can also run your dust seal through the lower tooth on the Seal Doctor in order to clean that seal up as well. Now just clean the fork up and put the dust seal back in place.

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Seal Doctor - 45mm-55mm
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Seal Doctor - 35mm-45mm


  Gently pry the dust seal down using a flat blade screwdriver, taking care not to damage the fork leg. Wipe away any visible dirt or water with a clean cloth.
  Snap the Seal Doctor onto the fork leg with the symbol towards the oil seal. Slide the cleaning hook gently under the seal lip and rotate a full 360 in the direction shown. Using the lower hook, repeat for the dust seal.
  Wipe the fork leg clean before pressing the dust seal back into position.
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