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JT Sprockets and Sunstar Chains for:        

Discovering JT Sprockets 7075-T6 competition aluminum rear sprockets was an unexpected surprise for the crew at CycleBuy. 
The company best known for its line of economical steel sprockets also makes a light, durable aluminum alloy rear sprocket with high-end features like self cleaning teeth that sells for significantly less than better known brands while offering equal or better longevity.

Fact: JT competition sprockets are made from 7075-T6 aluminum sourced from Austria, coming off the same production line as the aluminum used in Airbus airplanes.  Read more about JT sprockets and the company that makes them.

JT combos from CycleBuy include a JT competition alloy rear sprocket, a JT SCM415 Chromoly steel countershaft sprocket and a
Sunstar 520 SSR O-ring chain (7610 lbs/ft tensile strength).  Excellent performance without breaking the bank.

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JT Front/Rear Sprockets/Sunstar O-ring Chain - Combo Cost  Add To Cart 
  COMBO - JT Front Steel Sprocket, Rear Aluminum Alloy Sprockets and Sunstar 520SSR O-Ring Chain
Fits KTM 125-530 all models 1998-2015, Husqvarna 125-501 all models 2014-15
Husaberg all models 2009-14
(The supplied chain is 120 links and will need to be cut to fit.)

JT Sprockets - KTM/Husqvarna/Husaberg  Cost  Add To Cart 

JT Front Sprocket (SCM415 chromoly steel)
Fits KTM 125-530 all models 1998-2015, Husqvarna 125-501 all models 2014-15
Husaberg all models 2009-14


JT Sprocket Rear (7075-T6 aluminum alloy)
Fits KTM 125-530 all models 1991-2015, Husqvarna 125-501 all models 2014-15
Husaberg all models 2009-14


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Sunstar 520SSR O-Ring Chain
Self-Cleaning Steel Front Sprockets
Self-Cleaning Steel Front Sprockets - MX-series steel front sprockets are manufactured to exacting tolerances and designed with special self-cleaning grooves for added life and performance. Made from the best chromoly steel and fully heat-treated for maximum durability.



Aluminum Racing Rear Sprockets
Aluminum Racing Rear Sprockets - Made from advanced aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, optimal lightweight design and CNC machined for performance and lifespan! All aluminum MX rear racing sprockets are manufactured from the best materials with a special self-cleaning design, and hand-finished to perfection.