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05-01-14   "I am very impressed with your customer service. I received my order in two days from Oregon to Ohio and you upgraded one item for free so as to not cause a delay. I don't know how your service could be any better. I installed my parts today and am ready for the weekend with a day to spare. Thank you very much." ---------------- Dale C. (OH, USA)
11-05-13   "Good morning, just a quick note to say thank you for great service and delivery. I received the parts on my desk here in NZ on the 5th November 2013, which is just awesome and you have a good range of equipment available." ---------------- Regards, Al R. (New Zealand)
09-20-13   "G'day Guys. I would just like to thank you for all the terrific service and for keeping me informed of all the progress. I received the Tank yesterday 20th Sept. Much appreciated for everything, now the fun part starts after instillation - RIDING WITH IT." ---------------- Rex F.
7-16-13   "I heard about you guys through Thumpertalk.com, so I decided to check your site out and would like to say I am glad I did! You guys had the best price on over sized tanks that I could find anywhere! Almost $15 dollars cheaper than anywhere else and I also got free shipping! Support is also top notch, I called because for some reason I didn't receive my tracking number in my email ( I may have deleted by accident) and was given another email right away with my number in it. Would like to say thank you again and keep up the great work!" ---------------- Austin M. (NC, USA)
7-1-13   "Just wanted to say that the 6D helmet I picked up the other day is worth the money. As you know I've always been very happy with Shoei helmets, but the 6D is the most comfortable helmet I've ever used. It is the only helmet that I can actually feel the air through the vents, it's light weight and the medium is a great fit. Just one last thing, it was nice walking into your shop and having a sales person that was interested in helping, he was more than willing to open up several boxes to make sure I got the helmet that I liked." ---------------- Thanks, Keith 938 (OR, USA)
5-23-13   "I received the tank 2 days ago. Thanks again for your assistance in making this purchase an enjoyable experience. Please extend my appreciation to Aryn as well! I will definitely be using CycleBuy.com for future M/C needs!" ---------------- Satisfied Customer, Kevin (USA)
5-1-13   "Hi, I just want to let you guys know how much I appreciate your service and expertise. I ordered another part (slave cylinder guard) for my KTM and getting order confirmations w/ tracking and same day shipping is much appreciated. Ordered a tank a few weeks ago and was steered toward the right one. Very happy with your tips and service, Keep up the good work," ---------------- Rob (USA)
3-5-13   "I love buying stuff from you guys!! It already came, today thanks." ---------------- Jerry (WA, USA)  
3-5-13   "Hi Cyd, Just like to thank you for the great service I got from you, I got my item at the start of the week fits good. I'm happy.
---------------- Ray (Australia)
3-5-13   "Hey, I recently purchased a 4.9Gal IMS tank for my DR and a Giant Loop Great Basin saddle bag. Both items will be put to good use over here in New Zealand. Thank you for being so easy to deal with and fast with processing and sending the order. I will recommend CycleBuy to the rest of the riders I know. Thank You." ---------------- Dom (New Zealand)
2-21-13   "G'day guys just a quick line to say thanks for the tank it fitted like a glove and for your speedy shipment. Best Regards, happy customer" ---------------- Karl (Australia)
2-11-13   " just received my parts thanks, i'll be using you guy's again. great service !" ---------------- Lance (New Zealand)
2-11-13   "I want to thank you for the fast delivery with no problems and the nice contact. Keep it up! Many greetings." ---------------- Martin (Switzerland)
1-29-13   "Hi Cyd, Just a quick note to say thanks for the great service, parts arrived on my doorstep yesterday, installed them last night and I am riding today. Excellent service all round. Thanks very much. All the best." ---------------- Andrew (New Zealand)
1-28-13   "Thank You! I will definitely recommend your business to my colleague's and friends. You have a great selection and prompt shipping." ---------------- Brian (CO, USA)
8-6-12   "Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly was able to use it this weekend, its great, pleasure doing business with you." ---------------- Ken
6-29-12   "Good morning, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how happy I am with my recent dealings with your company. I ordered a fuel tank for my 87 KX500 which I know is not a common bike. I was very impressed with how the tank fit and works perfectly! I would also say how much I appreciate your follow up throughout the process, there were some manufacture delays which didn't bother me at all but your sales staff would give me updates every once in awhile which impressed me BIGTIME! So thank you, I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend your company to everybody!" ---------------- Josh (MN, USA)
6-20-12   "Hello. Just letting you know that my gas tank arrived yesterday. Five days, not to bad. Thank you. I would like to point out that the fuel and vacume line are approx 1 " too short for the new tank and the chock knob need to be trimmed. Maybe that can be added in or explained in your add for future customers. Once again thank you for the quick service and I'll be using your service again. Thank you." ---------------- Michael (Canada)
6-12-12   "Thanks Cyd, the ordering and return process was super easy and I appreciate the e-mail letting me know that everything's gone smooth. I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon." ---------------- Dylan (California, USA)
6-12-12   "Hi Cyd, Thank you for your prompt service a great customer service. Today I received delivery of my first tank for my sons CRF250r. He is very happy, Now my second son is waiting for his. Once again Thank you. I now look forward to your next shipping notification email for my second tank." ---------------- Regards, Scott (Australia)
5-8-12   "Thanks for your prompt service. That is why I keep coming back. Regards" ---------------- Matthew  (Thailand)
5-2-12   "You guys are awesome btw, big shout out to Brian for giving world class customer support. It stands out far enough that I will be using you cats again without a doubt, thanks for helping me out. CycleBuy.com will be the first place I check for parts and gear for the growing stable of 5 bikes I own and ride. Cheers." ---------------- Mark (USA)
4-30-12   "Hi Cyd, Thatís great news, I can't wait to try it out. Some additional items in my order would be nice but (due to my wallet size) the tuner will be fine for now!

Thanks for your help so far - Better customer service from you than we get over here face to face! In fact some stores make you feel like you are asking them do a chore when you want to buy something from them. Regards."
---------------- Bay (Australia)
4-30-12   "Thanks so much Aryn. Your's, is the best company I have dealt with in many years and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again." ---------------- Russell (Australia)
4-30-12   "HI I received my parcel today. Many thanks as the items are perfect and postage was super quick. Look forward to purchasing more products in the future." ---------------- Shawn (Australia)
4-16-12   "Hi Cyd, That is great news thanks. I have dealt with a few US suppliers and yours has been the
Cheers." ---------------- Alex (Australia)
4-9-12   "Hi many thanks for the emails and tracking numbers, I shall also keep an eye out for the two parcels. I discovered that a lot of your emails found there way into my spam box.

Must say that my "shopping" experience with Cyclebuy has been one of the best and most efficient of the many online retail stores I have used! Thumbs up for great service, will certainly suggest to my friends! Best regards"
---------------- Stephen (Australia)
4-5-12   "YOU GUYS/GIRLS ARE AMAZING! Thank you sooo much for the help, amazing service. Cyclebuy is the best!" ---------------- Chris H. (Canada)
4-3-12   "Just like too say thanks for the help. Our Ohlins importer in Australia told me Ohlins didn't supply any parts only full kits, didn't even make the effect to call and ask. So once again thank you for the great service, I will be sure to tell my mates about you guys. Thanks." ---------------- Darryl (Australia)
3-23-12   "Hi, Got everything yesterday from customs. Thanks for fast delivery and very good customer service.
Hope to do business again with you in the future."
---------------- Marko (Finland)
3-2-12   "Thank you. Great service, nice people, Bob is great to deal with. I'm very happy to do business with you. Regards." ---------------- Mike D. (Calif.)
2-10-12   "Aaron,  Well, the battery arrived, is installed, and everything seems perfectly in order. Thanks again for the speedy response to battery issue this week. You know when you are prepping for a week long ride and something little like the battery goes bad, it tends to make a guy a little anxious. Again Aaron, thanks for the drop ship on the battery.

Just so you don't miss our stimulating conversations, I'm gonna call again soon for the Fastway Footpegs. Ya nervous now?  All joking aside, I appreciate the customer service. Thanks."
---------------- Brian C.
2-10-12   "You, Sir, are a life saver (figuratively speaking). I finally decided to make the move and buy the Rekluse EXP for the 350-W, and made two calls to local dealers. One came back on Tuesday with a 3-4 week wait, and the other came back today and told me that Rekluse is now quoting 6-8 weeks wait. The season starts in 5 weeks and I don't have enough free time in between races to setup and get accustomed to the new clutch.
               I hit your site last night after reading your post regarding having EXPs in stock. My new EXP is now in the shaky hands of the USPS. Thanks! Regards."
---------------- Landon (from KTMTalk.com)
2-8-12   "Hi Aryn, I'm a member of BansheeHQ.com. I posted this about you today over there. I hope this drum's up some business for you. You helped me, I help you. That's the way the world works. I'll talk to you later, Take Care !" ---------------- Paul T.
2-8-12   "yes, For sure you got another happy customer (happy face). Yes, I will buy staff at your shop on next offroad needs. Thanks a lot again. Take care." ---------------- Krzysztof M. (Poland)

2-7-12   "Hi Cyd, tank is already on place and on the bike too :-) It took about 2weeks since I bought it to have on place in Poland including taxes etc. Thanks a lot for great shopping and contact! Regards." ---------------- Krzysztof M. (Poland)

12-29-11   "Thanks, I really like you guys. Happy to purchase from you. I love the battery you sold me so much, I'm giving 2 of them to my friends as gifts. Best regards And Happy Holidays!" ---------------- Patrick A.
12-6-11   "Holy cow....I hope im as fast on my race bike this year as you folk's are at shipping!!! Thank you so much!!!" ---------------- Tempe, 2011 WEBE Racing 200B Champion
11-30-11   "Thanks, you Folks at CycleBuy! I called my order yesterday (Tues. morn.), with Aryn. It arrived this afternoon (Wednesday). Thank you so much for really great, fast service, and good prices as well! You Folks Rock!" ---------------- Jimmie
11-21-11   "Anyway thanks as usual for your great store. It is the best place to buy Husaberg things on the planet! I just got a new 2012 FE 450 which I am kitting out. I gotta get some more stuff next week or so when I can afford it. Cheers." ---------------- Phil (Australia)
11-04-11   "Thank you very much for your professionalism and fast responses. Even in this day and age it is hard to find people who are willing to answer emails and serve a customer who wants to spend a thousand bucks. I originally approached XRs Only for the parts because i thought they might be the best people to help with my bike, three emails later and they still didn't respond to my begging them to take my money. You guys and the guys at cyclebuy are awesome, i will spread the word. Regards." ------------ Luke W.
10-25-11   "Thanks allot Ayrn.. Very happy with you help.. Kudos on your service!!!" ------------ Salvador G.
09-20-11   "Thanks again for your great service and I am very excited about these goods for the bikes at home." ------------ Cheers, Tim in Australia
09-15-11   "I still want one, so please keep my order. When they come in please send one, I'm not in a big hurry I just want to make sure I get one before they are on back order again. Most of all I would like to thank you for your quick response, your company is very professional and I will order from you again." ------------ Thank you very much, Brian K.
09-14-11   "Hi CB Team, I just wanted to let you know that my order has already arrived here in Australia. Very happy buyer!" ------------ Cheers, Mark C. (Australia)
09-07-11   "You guys rock - thanks." ------------ From Brian in Canada
08-30-11   "Hi Cyd and Bob, I would like to express a genuine big thanks for the most prompt service I have ever received! My order arrived today, so fast!!! The items were as described and sold at a very competitive price, good on you guys, thanks for your help with my order!" ------------ Thank You and Regards, Paul S.
08-11-11   "Cycle Buy has been one of the best online companies I have ever ordered from. Your customer service has been the best! My order has always been turned around in just a couple of days and you have sent me emails letting me know the status of my order immediately!

I like the way your website includes multiple enlarged photos of items as well as installation instructions!

FYI - I have a $140 order with KTM Cycle Hut that I placed on June 14th. After three weeks I sent an email to customer service to inquire the status of my order (since I had received no communication from them at all). Their reply was "one or more of your items has not been received by our supplier". That response was on July 7th and today it is August 9th. I have received no further communication regarding the status of my order. I will never order anything from them again. CYCLE BUY HAS BEEN GREAT! YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET ALL OF MY BUSINESS. I AM SPREADING THE WORD!"
------------ Dan A. Portland, Oregon
08-10-11   "Hi Aryn, Thanks for taking care of my order so quickly; much appreciated!! This is my first order from CycleBuy and definitely not the last. I will spread the word to my buddies! Thanks again and have a great week." ------------ Regards, Ryan D.
08-10-11   "The guys at CycleBuy sure know their stuff especially on KTMs. They are spot on and great pricing as well. Personalized honest shop. Highly recommended." ------------ Bob Y. (Thumper Talk Post 8-10-11)
04-21-11   "Cyd,   You and your team have the absolute BEST customer service of any online ordering company I have ever dealt with.  Not only do I look forward to buying from you again, I wouldn't dream of taking my business elsewhere.  I know I'm getting the right product for my bike as quick as possible.  The updates and info you email are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great job.  I'll be sure to spread the word." ------------ Mike T.

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