Öhlins v2.1 Steering Damper - discontinued.
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CycleBuy sells steering stabilizers from Scotts, Fastway and now Precision Racing Products. The Parabolic steering damper from Precision Racing Products is the newest addition to the lineup of steering stabilizers that we choose to offer to our customers. Each brand has a unique feature set that can appeal to riders with specific needs. Please call or email CycleBuy if you're not sure which damper might be best for your situation.

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Precision Racing Products - the Parabolic Damper is a newcomer to the offroad motorcycle world but has been used in ATV racing applications for many years. This steering stabilizer offers a unique "parabolic" damping curve with the most damping force on either side of center and gradually diminishing as the damper moves farther away from center.

20 clicks of low speed adjustment / 12 clicks of high speed adjustment.
Damping resistance moving away from center and returning to center.
Under bar damper does not raise your handlebar height.
Used by Taylor Robert and other members of Factory KTM Racing.
Can be easily serviced at home or by PRP in Lodi, CA.
Made in the USA.

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Fastway Performance - System 3 and System 5 dampers offer a wide variety of adjustments to suit the rider. The "split-collar" frame clamp design simplifies installation on some models by eliminating the need to remove the top triple clamp during installation.

Under bar or above bar fitments available.
Separate low-speed and high-speed damping circuits are adjustable without tools.
Adjustable sweep setting. (System 5 only)
Return-to-center damping adjustable from zero to full resistance.
Choose between System 3 and System 5 dampers based on your needs.
Manufactured and serviced in Nampa, ID.


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Scotts Performance - the industry standard steering stabilizer, essentially unchanged since its introduction in the 1990's and still going strong.

Under bar or above bar fitments available.
Separate low-speed and high-speed damping circuits.
Adjustable sweep setting.
No return-to-center damping.
Manufactured and serviced in Montrose, CA.
Service kit available for those that want to service their own damper.

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