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OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

OX-Brake has revolutionized the Left Hand Rear Brake
OX-Brake LHRB (left hand rear brake) is a 2 finger lever, full rear brake control, stand-alone, auxiliary-braking system that works in conjunction with your rear brake foot lever.  With this bolt-on system you can be up and riding in about an hour with a fully functioning LHRB.
No additional master cylinder to install or bleed, the original brake system remains intact and unaffected by this installation,

The ORIGINAL OX-Brake LHRB fits 2008-15 KTM models, 2014-15 Austrian Husqvarna models, 2011-14 250/300 Husaberg 2009-12 4-Stroke, and some 2016 models.  It will not fit any 2016 KTM SX/SX-F/XC-F or 2016 Husqvarna FC/TC models.

The NEW STYLE "KTH20" kit fits all full-size offroad KTM models 2004-18, 2014-18 Austrian made Husqvarna models, and
2011-14 Husaberg 250/300 models.

KTM EXC and Husqvarna FE S models must use the narrow SAR Multi Function Bar Switch to install a LHRB.  The stock switch pod is too wide to allow the use of a LHRB kit.


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  Left Hand Rear Brake Kit - New Style Ox-Brake  Cost  Add To Cart 
OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit - Magura Brakes
Fits Husqvarna FE/TE/TX 300 2018 with Magura Brakes
OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit
Fits KTM 2004-18, Husqvarna 2014-18, Husaberg 250/300 2011-14
OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit
Fits KTM Freeride 2015-17
  Left Hand Rear Brake Kit - Original Ox-Brake  Cost  Add To Cart 
OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit
Fits KTM 2008-15, Husqvarna 2014-15, Husaberg 250/300 2011-14  
Also fits 2016 KTM 250/350/500 EXC*/XCFW, 200/250/300 XC/XC-W,
Husqvarna 2016 FE/TE models.
>>Will not fit any 2016 KTM SX/SX-F/XC-F or 2016 HQV FC/TC models.<<
OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit
Fits Husaberg 70-Degree 4-Strokes 2009-12 (FS/FX/FE 390/450/570

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OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake System - Info and Larger images
Why OX-Brake?
KEEP your REAR BRAKE foot lever, and your CLUTCH LEVER without a large brake lever to clutter up your left handlebar. Use with or without an auto clutch. Installation does not require removing handle grip as the additional LEFT HAND REAR BRAKE lever is ¾” wide with a hinged clamp. Flexx Bars, yes, fits without any problem.

OX-Brake is a stand alone LEFT HAND REAR BRAKE (LHRB) system. The 2 finger lever is a auxiliary method of actuating the hydraulic rear brake. The original manufacture hydraulic rear brake system is unaffected by this installation.

Rear brake control is now from 2 fingers on the left handlebar LHRB lever. 2 fingers will allow you complete control, from the minimum to the maximum braking power. All this with only 2 fingers, allowing you the freedom of your right foot and still have total rear brake control with your left hand.

Remember the technical downhill rocky section when you would like to have put a foot down, but needed more rear brake to control your speed. How about the time you got stuck on an uphill and the front brake would not prevent the bike from going downhill backwards. Put your mind in motion and think of all the advantages, without any disadvantages, of a left hand rear brake. OX-Brake gives you more control when you need it.

2 Stroke Riders! This allows you to have the same advantages as compression braking on downhill sections if required.

Installation is simple, complete the installation and ride in about one hour. Instructions are easy to follow with a minimum of tools.
Patent Pending.

OX-LHRB-KTH224 - This NEW PRODUCT fits 2018 Husqvarna TE/TX 300/FE models that come fitted with MAGURA brake systems.
This new design provide easier, quicker installation, with no swing arm clearance problems. The hand lever is not the clamshell style, but requires grip removal, which is no problem with the ODI grips now OEM. This hand lever allows the rider to select the braking pressure he/she prefer.







OX-Brake Clamp-Style Lever OX-Brake package OX-LHRB-0815



OX-Brake package OX-LHRB-KTH20 OX-Brake package OX-LHRB-KTHFREERIDE