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PowerNow - PNBSR-33
Fits Yamaha Grizzly 350/400/450 2008-09
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Kouba replacement "easy-adjust" fuel screw - K-FS1
Fits factory installed Keihin FCR carburetors
(aftermarket FCR carburetors use a different thread pitch)
If you have tried to adjust the air/fuel mixture screw on your FCR carburetor, you know one of these is a must!  These Kouba fuel screws make it easy to adjust your air/fuel mixture screw. The K-FS1 fuel screw will fit: Bikes/ATVs with factory-installed Keihin FCR carburetors.


PowerNow Info
Patterned after Formula 1 auto racing technology, the PowerNow smoothes and directs air entering the carburetor, yielding a noticeable power increase. PowerNow improves airflow on the INTAKE (airbox) side of the carburetor to add power to your motorcycle.


The Scary Fast PowerNow provides bigger horsepower improvements, greater power at ¼ and ½ throttle for 2-strokes, 4-strokes, mini bikes and ATVs. Mounted into the backside/airboot side of the carburetor, the PowerNow, slices the single air venturi going into the carburetor into 2 smaller, faster, venturis via the PowerNow’s ‘Power Plate’. The trademarked revolutionary Power Plate assists the vacuum of the fast moving air by drawing the fastest moving air molecules through a precisely positioned hole in the plate, drastically increasing the speed of the top and bottom venturis entering the cylinder. With this modification, the result is volumetric engine efficiency through uncompromised airflow velocity. Rated as Dirt Rider’s 2005 Product of the Year. PowerNow Dyno Charts