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  PowerNow Honda  Cost  Add To Cart 

PowerNow System - PNS150H
Fits Honda CRF 150R 2007-09
(Includes PN150H PowerNow and PNP150H PowerNow Plus)

MSRP $179.99

Quantity on hand:  1

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PowerNow - PNBSR-33
Fits Yamaha Grizzly 350/400/450 2008-09

MSRP $91.99

Quantity on hand:  1

 Kouba Fuel Screws  Cost  Add To Cart 
Kouba replacement "easy-adjust" fuel screw - K-FS1
Fits factory installed Keihin FCR carburetors
(aftermarket FCR carburetors use a different thread pitch)


If you have tried to adjust the air/fuel mixture screw on your FCR carburetor, you know one of these is a must!  These Kouba fuel screws make it easy to adjust your air/fuel mixture screw. The K-FS1 fuel screw will fit: Bikes/ATVs with factory-installed Keihin FCR carburetors.

PowerNow Products Info PowerNow Products Info

Patterned after Formula 1 auto racing technology, the PowerNow smoothes and directs air entering the carburetor, yielding a noticeable power increase.  The new PowerNow Plus controls and directs air flow after it passes under the carburetor slide, adding even more power.  Together, the Power Now and Power Now Plus create the PowerNow System for the maximum power gain!
PowerNow improves airflow on the INTAKE (airbox) side of the carburetor to add power to your motorcycle.
PowerNow Plus 
PowerNow Plus improves airflow AFTER the carburetor slide to add power to your 4-stroke motorcycle.
PowerNow System 
PowerNow System includes PowerNow and PowerNow Plus for the maximum power increase and throttle response.
PowerNow Info ---------------- PowerNow Dyno Charts
The Scary Fast PowerNow provides bigger horsepower improvements, greater power at ¼ and ½ throttle for 2-strokes, 4-strokes, mini bikes and ATVs. Mounted into the backside/airboot side of the carburetor, the PowerNow, slices the single air venturi going into the carburetor into 2 smaller, faster, venturis via the PowerNow’s ‘Power Plate’. The trademarked revolutionary Power Plate assists the vacuum of the fast moving air by drawing the fastest moving air molecules through a precisely positioned hole in the plate, drastically increasing the speed of the top and bottom venturis entering the cylinder. With this modification, the result is volumetric engine efficiency through uncompromised airflow velocity. Rated as Dirt Rider’s 2005 Product of the Year.
PowerNow Plus Info ----------------
PowerNow System Info ----------------

PowerNow Press ----------------
The POWERNOW and POWERNOW Plus are being used or tested by Factory Kawasaki, Kawasaki Europe, Factory KTM in America and Europe, Team Suzuki Offroad, Larry Roeseler, Team ECC and others.  Power Now™ was recently endorsed by Yamaha Motor France Cross Country and Enduro teams and TM Import France Enduro and MX Team.

It's the best new product of the year and was given a score of 9.5 out of 10 in DirtRider Magazine. For 2-strokes, 4-strokes, ATVs and Mini bikes, get the performance increase no other product can give you for this price.

Dirt Bike Magazine Nov. '04
We equipped the CRF-X with the new dual POWERNOW SYSTEM™. That's the original POWERNOW™for the rear of the carb and the POWERNOW PLUS™ for the intake portion of the carburetor. With this setup, the entire carb throat is divided into an upper and lower section, providing substantial torque increases at very low to mid-throttle openings. You can ride a gear higher and just "roll-it on" with the extra torque. On the trail this addition out-of-the-hole power translated into better lugging, the ability to short shift, far less stalling and more bark.
MX Racer Oct. '04  -  Application: CRF250R
Honda's all new CRF250R is nothing short of an awesome motorcycle; it does everything well. The only area in which it fell short to its competitors in our bike comparison was the engine department; Yamaha's YZ250F is still the top dog when it comes to making power. The CRF makes good power but lacks the roll-on and hard-hitting mid the YZ-F possesses. That said, we thought it would be the perfect candidate on which to try the new POWERNOW PLUS™.

The POWERNOW PLUS™ increases air velocity by cutting down on destructive, turbulent air entering and exiting the carburetor. At half-throttle, the air entering the carburetor is very inefficient, because it partially hits the slide and begins to tumble inside the throat of the carburetor. The POWERNOW'S septum, also known as the power blade, splits the air and increases forward momentum. The rear POWERNOW™ has been around for a while, but the plus is a dual setup that uses a POWERNOW in front and behind the carb.

Installation is pretty straight forward. Once you remove the sub-frame, simple slide the POWERNOW™ into the back of the carburetor. To assure proper alignment inside the carburetor, the kit comes with a locator pin that, when inserted correctly, will line up with the two small holes in the back of the carb. Once the POWERNOW™ is aligned on the front and the back of the carb, remove the locator pin and re-attach the sub-frame.

Roughly 20 minutes later, our CRF was buttoned up and ready for the track. For the test, we put the little red thumper back in stock form. Immediately, our test staff noticed a difference in power. The normally lazy roll-on received major gains, and the added boost was apparent all the way into the middle of the powerband. The CRF pulled harder out of corners and required less clutch to build rpms.

For it's price, the POWERNOW PLUS™ is among the best performance hop-up values on the market.
 Dirt Bike Magazine Feb '03- "Dollar for dollar, at under a hundred bucks the Power Now is superb."
Winner! - Product of the Year - July '03 Dirt Rider Magazine - All-Around Riding Products
Reviewed in the December '02 issue of Dirt Rider magazine, their staff tried a Power Now insert on a stock YZ 250F, and gave it a 9.5 (out of 10) rating. They said, " It was a good relationship from the first kick. No longer did we need to incorporate the hot-start button into our starting procedure. The bike fired up at the first kick - hot or cold, and we felt an immediate boost in power . The YZ-F's response off-idle jumped noticeably, and big gains were made in the mid-range and up. Either improvement is precious alone, getting both is a bargain."