Motorex Protex spray is a textile and leather waterproofing spray. Highly effective and long-lasting protection against moisture and oil. Suitable for leather, textiles and microfibres (e.g. GORE-TEX®), allows the fabric to breathe naturally. Ideal for shoes, snow gear, protective gear for adventure motorcyclists, convertible hoods and other sports and leisure items. Just spray on and allow it to air dry thoroughly. You could waterproof a paper towel with this stuff. Actually we did waterproof a paper towel with this stuff. It's amazing!
"This waterproofing spray is awesome! I snowboard every week and my gear and I stay dry despite wiping out in the snow all day." ---Cyd Reinen
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Protex Waterproofing Spray - 16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)
Textile and leather waterproofing spray.