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9.48mm Valve Shim Kits  

Are you tired of paying outrageous prices and waiting for your dealer to order valve shims?  For less than 85 cents per shim, Hot Cams Valve Shim kits take most of the expense and hassle out of adjusting your own valves.
Models listed below are confirmed to use the shim sizes as listed.This is not a complete list of all models that use that shim diameter.
CRF 450R 2002-14
CRF 450X 2005-14
TRX 450ER ATV 2006-14
TRX 450R ATV 2004-09

WR 450F 2003-14
YFZ 450 ATV 2004-13
YFZ 450R ATV 2009-17
YFZ 450X ATV 2010-11
YZ 250F 2014-16
YZ 250FX 2015-16
YZ 400F 1998-99
YZ 426F 2000-02
YZ 450F 2003-14
KFX 400 ATV 2003-06
KFX 450R ATV 2008-14
KLX 450R 2008-09
KX 450F 2008-14

LT-R 450 ATV 2006-09
LT-Z 400 ATV 2003-13
RM-Z 450 2005-14

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9.48mm Complete Valve Shim Kit - HC-948
1.20mm - 3.50mm in .05mm increments with 3 shims in each size

MSRP $89.95
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9.48mm Individual Shims
Select Shim Size (No returns or exchanges)

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Due to demand, changes are being made in regards to refill packs. Refill packs will no longer be available once remaining inventory is sold out, only complete kits and individual shims. We will make every attempt to keep our online inventory correct but in certain circumstances we may not be able to provide Refill packs. You will be notified if this happens.


Includes 5 of each size - 3.00, 3.05, 3.10, 3.15, 3.20, 3.25mm Shims
MSRP $40.99

Valve Shim Kit 9.48mm (1.20mm - 3.50mm) HC-948 (HCSHIM02)

Hotcams Valve Shim Kit Products:       7.48mm       8.90mm       10.0mm