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Alloy Probend Handguard Packs

Cycra Alloy Probend Handguard Pack includes:  Probend Bars w/Bumpers, Enduro Shields and Powergrip bar-end mounting hardware. We sell the handlebar mounting hardware separately. This allows our customers to combine their choice of handguards mounts with their preferred shield color and still get the benefits of Racer Pack pricing. Cycra handguards are made in USA by Cycra.
Cycra Triple Clamp Mounts provide a solid mounting point that is less prone to twisting during hard crashes.  Cycra triple clamp mount choices are front mount and side mount. Triple clamp mounts will not fit late model KTMs. Consider the Cycra Center Reach Mount (CRM) as an alternate solution.
Cycra U-Mounts allow additional clearance for clutch and brake lines. Cycra U-Mounts are carefully machined to match the taper of the brand of fat bars they are designed for.

  NOTE: Cycra occasionally changes the design of the stickers on their shields.
  We have no control over what stickers come on the handguard shields. Sticker design may vary from images shown.


Alloy Probend Handguard Pack
Includes Alloy Probend Handguard Bars w/Bumpers, Enduro Shields, and Powergrip bar-end mounting hardware. (Specific bar mounts sold separately below)
Dimensions: 6 1/8" tall x 9 3/4" wide. No drilling required. Shield colors here.
MSRP $82.95


Triple Clamp Front Mount
(XR, DR, others with forward facing pinch bolts)
MSRP $44.95
Triple Clamp Side Mount
(Side mounts modified to clear the headlight mounts) Longer fork pinch bolts are NOT included with this kit. Will not fit KTM triple clamps.
MSRP $44.95

U-Clamp Mount - Magura Bars
Allows clearance for brake lines/cables.
MSRP $44.95

U-Clamp Mount - Renthal/up-to-2009 Neken/Pro-Taper Contour or Evo Bars
Allows clearance for brake lines/cables.
MSRP $44.95

U-Clamp Mount - 2010-current Neken/up-to-2007 Pro-Taper
Allows clearance for brake lines/cables.
MSRP $44.95

U-Clamp Mount - Renthal Twinwall
Allows clearance for brake lines/cables.
MSRP $44.95

U-Clamp Mount - 7/8 inch Bars
Allows clearance for brake lines/cables.
MSRP $44.95

Handguard Mounts
Fits all 39 - 41mm spacing - Oversized handlebar mounts.
Kit includes all necessary hardware.

Enduro Handshields
Replacement Cycra plastic handshields.
Mounting screws included. Sold in pairs. Shield colors here.
Dimensions: 6 1/8" tall x 9 3/4" wide - No drilling required
MSRP $21.95


Enduro DX Handshields
CY-1025-32 - Red (in stock)
CY-1025-72 - Green (in stock)
Replacement Cycra plastic with in-molded rubber edge handshields. Mounting screws included. Sold in pairs.
Dimensions:  5" tall x 8 3/4" wide
CY-1025-32 / CY-1025-72
MSRP $27.95


STANDARD Handguard Bars Only,  Left and Right Set
Includes Plastic Bumpers, Sold in pairs. Mount Clamps not included.

CRM Black Anodized Spacer Kit
Fits CRM, Probend and Series One Bars. Provides additional clearance for larger master cylinders and cable routing. High quality CNC machined alloy spacer kit.

Probend Replacement Black Plastic Bumpers
Mounting screws included. Sold in pairs.

Handguard Bar End Set
Included hardware will fit most alloy or steel handlebars and Renthal Twinwalls. Sold in pairs.
MSRP $16.95

Grip Heaters
For use on any motorcycle or ATV with a battery and charging system or a lighting coil.
Go to Grip Heaters Page

Giant Loop / Fastway-Pro Moto Billet Handguard Shields
Install over rigid handguards/deflectors and heated grips for the ultimate protection against the elements.

Go to Handguard Shields Page

Bar End Mount Kits
Fastway Threaded Bar End Insert Conversion Kit
G2 Nylon Bar End Mount Kit
Go to Bar End Mount Kits

G2 Billet Grip Protector Kit
For aluminum handlebars only.
Go to G2 Billet Grip Protectors


Alloy Probend Handguard Pack ----------

CY-7500 Alloy Probend Handguard Pack (Bar Mounts sold separately)
Alloy Probend Handguard Bar Mount Clamps ----------

CY-1655-02 (Front Mount)
Triple Clamp Front Mount Handguard System
CY-1055-CRX (Side Mount)
Triple Clamp Mount Handguard System
U-Clamp Mounts Handguard System  
BRP Handguard Mounts (BRP-HGMounts)
Replacement Parts ----------

CY-1015-xx Enduro Shield Colors (Dimensions: 6 1/8" tall x 9 3/4" wide - No drilling required)
Enduro DX Shields CY-1025-32 / CY-1025-72
(Dimensions:  5" tall x 8 3/4" wide) Injection molded high impact plastic and rubber construction. In-molded rubber edge provides increased protection. Installation hardware included.
Standard Handguard Bars Only
Left and Right Set with Plastic Bumper CY-7005-02
CRM Black Anodized Spacer Kit CY-1362-12
Replacement Plastic Handguard Bumpers CY-1057-12   Handguard Bar-end Set CY-1053-02