CLOSEOUT! QuickShot2 Accelerator Pump Covers
Boyesen QuickStart - Hot Engine stalling is no longer a problem. Available for ALL Keihin FCR-equipped offroad, motocross, and ATV models. The patented performance of the proven Boyesen QuickShot system, now with adjustable leak jet and hot start assist integration! A serious step towards achieving EFI levels of performance.

A stock accelerator pump cover allows only a 60% - 70% fuel charge in the accelerator pump chamber, while air fills the remaining space. Turning the throttle activates the accelerator pump, but air trapped in the chamber gets compressed, disrupting fuel delivery and often causing a hesitation or bog at the very moment you need immediate response from your engine. The proven Boyesen QuickShot 2 has shown that eliminating trapped air allows for solid fuel delivery 100% of the time, providing the instant acceleration the rider needs.

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QuickShot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover
Fits Honda CRF 250R 2007-09, 450R 2007-08, CRF 250X 2007-13, CRF 450X 2008-13
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QuickShot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover - Stock accelerator pump covers permit only a 60% - 70% fuel charge in the pump chamber. Turn the throttle and air in the chamber is compressed and fuel is delayed. The result: Hesitation or Bog. The Boyesen QuickShot cover completely fills the pump chamber with fuel, and provides instant fuel delivery, eliminating the hesitation and bog.

  QuickShot 2 - Instant Fuel Injection
 Superior to stock accelerator pump covers
 Provides instant response to throttle movements
 Reduces hot engine stalling
 25% more fuel capacity
 Accelerates fuel delivery
 Eliminates hesitation and bogging
 Improves low end performance
 No modification required - simple bolt-on