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PowerParts SXS Parts - Engine 2-Stroke


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SXS Cylinder Head with variable combustion chamber
SXS13125044 - Fits KTM 125/144/150 SX, 125 EXC 200715
SXS13250044 - Fits KTM 250 EXC/SX/XC/XC-W 200715 Instructions
SXS13300044 - Fits KTM 300 EXC/XC/XC-W 200815 Instructions


The all-new SXS two-stroke cylinder heads are a must for the serious racer and two-stroke tuner.  With variable combustion chamber options designed for specific power output and delivery, every rider  can find the SXS cylinder head they need! The aluminum alloys and optimized combustion chamber  shapes employed ensure the best possible heat dissipation.  This has a positive effect on power delivery
and reduces material wear in the combustion chamber and on the piston.  Replacement of the whole head is now no longer necessary simply put in a new combustion chamber insert and off you go again. To increase the performance of your bike even further, KTM recommend combination of the SXS cylinder heads with the following parts:  SXS spark plug, SXS CDI unit, and KTM PowerParts exhaust system.
IMPORTANT:  The carburetor jets must be matched with the selected combustion chamber insert and the model year of your vehicle (e.g. selected combustion chamber insert = motocross, vehicle = 250 XC-W MY 09 --> appropriate carburetor jets = 250 SX MY 09). Detailed information about carburetor jetting is available from your KTM dealer.
SXS Combustion Chamber Insert - Extreme Setting
SXS13125081 - Fits KTM 125 SX/EXC 200715
SXS13250081 - Fits KTM 250 SX/XC/XC-W/EXC 200715
SXS13300081 - Fits KTM 300 XC/XC-W/EXC 200815


The combustion chamber insert is made from an alloy developed specially for this purpose. The excellent conductivity of this alloy increases the capability of your engine in extreme conditions, particularly when it needs to deliver maximum performance (e.g. in high temperatures, sandy track conditions or other extreme situations).
SXS Combustion Chamber Insert - MX Setting
SXS13125061 - Fits KTM 125 SX/EXC 200715
SXS13144061 - Fits KTM 144/150 SX/XC 200715
SXS13250061 - Fits KTM 250 SX/XC/XC-W/EXC 200715
SXS13300061 - Fits KTM 300 XC/XC-W/EXC 200815


Combustion chamber insert manufactured from highest grade aluminum, with optimized combustion chamber shape suited
for Motocross racing.
SXS Combustion Chamber Insert - Enduro Setting
SXS13250071 - Fits KTM 250 SX/XC/XC-W/EXC 200715
SXS13300071 - Fits KTM 300 XC/XC-W/EXC 200815


Combustion chamber insert manufactured from highest grade aluminum, with optimized combustion chamber shape suited
for Enduro racing.
SXS Combustion Chamber Insert - XC Setting
Fits KTM 250 SX/XC/XC-W 200715


Combustion chamber insert manufactured from highest grade aluminum for more torque delivered over the rev range.
SXS Cylinder Kit
Fits KTM 125 SX 200715


This complete ported and polished cylinder has been finished to Factory Racing specs, using the highest-quality workmanship. This guarantees more power throughout the entire rev range.
SXS Piston
SXS16125907 I
(ETA 06-12-16) - Fits KTM 125 SX 2016 (Group I Cylinder only)
SXS16150907 I - Fits KTM 150 SX 2016 (Group I Cylinder only)


Specially developed high-performance piston with the following properties:  Higher performance across the entire power band
Higher peak power  Optimized friction  Only one piston ring  Special surface coating
Due to the higher load on the engine, the new service intervals specified in the Owner's Manual supplied must be complied with.
SXS 144/150 Cylinder Head
Fits KTM 144/150 SX/XC 2007-15


Specially designed for use on sandy tracks (high thermal loads!). Volume 14.8 ml = less compression (standard: 13.8 ml).
SXS Spark Plug 125 02
Fits KTM 125 SX 2000-15, 144/150 SX/XC 2007-15
Top shelf racing spark plug to help get the most from you 2-stroke.


300 SX Kit
SXS12300000 - Fits KTM 250 SX 2007-13 $949.99
SXS14300000 - Fits KTM 250 SX 2014-15 $959.99


All the parts required for converting your 250 SX to a 300 SX for the open class. No need for the jets to be changed on the 250 SX carburetor.
300 XC/XC-W Kit
Fits KTM 250 XC/XC-W 2007-15


All the parts required for converting your 250 XC or XC-W in to a 300 XC. No additional jetting change needed.
Fits KTM 125 SX 200715, 125 EXC 2008-15


The ignition curve of the SXS CDI unit is specially tuned to the use of fuel with at least 98 octane.
The benefits:  Higher peak power, Higher revs, and Best possible performance.
KTM recommend use in combination with a PowerParts exhaust system and the SXS spark plug.
  PowerParts SXS Parts - Engine 2-Stroke - Larger Images
SXS Cylinder Head with variable combustion chamber SXS Combustion Chamber Insert Extreme


SXS Combustion Chamber Insert MX / Enduro / XC SXS Cylinder Kit SXS11125007



SXS Piston SXS16125907 I / SXS16150907 I SXS 144/150 Cylinder Head SXS10150051

SXS Spark Plug SXS02125071  

Ever had to cut short a training session or a race due to a faulty spark plug? This will never happen again with the extremely robust SXS spark plug and its special properties:
Iridium centre electrode tip
Reinforced earth electrode (against vibration and breakage)
Special design with improved anti-rusting properties

KTM recommend use of the SXS spark plug when fitting power -boosting parts, such as SXS cylinder heads, factory exhaust systems or the SXS CDI unit.
300 SX / XC / XC-W Kits SXS CDI Unit 50339931000

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