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The Arai XD4 Explore Graphic Series is perfect for Dual Sport and Adventure riders. The New Arai XD4 helmet replaced the XD3 helmet has more features and improvements. The new shell shape for better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds, works in concert with the high-flow peak and new side cowl vents.

The XD4 offers three distinct configurations depending on rider preference or riding conditions. With peak and no faceshield for offroad riding with goggles; With peak and faceshield for adventure touring, or offroad riding for riders who wear eyeglasses; And faceshield and no peak for a unique street-bike look. Change the look every time you ride, or even during the same ride.

    Availability Guide: If you order an item that is not in stock, we will not charge your card until the order is ready to ship.

      = Normally ships the same business day     = Ships in 1 to 2 business days    = Backordered from supplier

Arai XD4 Explore Graphic Series Helmets

Cost Add To Cart
XD4 Explore Black
MSRP $729.95
XD4 Explore White
MSRP $729.95
XD4 Explore Orange
MSRP $729.95

XD4 Explore Silver
MSRP $729.95

XD4 Explore Graphic Helmet - Larger Images
Explore Black Explore White
Explore Orange Explore Silver

                             About The Product

After creating the first dual sport helmet back in the late 90's, evolving it into a universal design that finds itself at home in practically all forms of motorcycling, what else did you expect from Arai, but simply more of what works! Offering three distinct configurations, allowing the user to choose which works best for them, the new XD4 is similar in appearance but greatly improved in all-around performance, as compared to the XD3. The combination of the new comfort headliner, with micro fitting 5mm peel away temple pads, and Patent-Pending FCS® cheek pad design, also with a 5mm peel away micro feature, add a new dimension to the concept of helmet fit and individual customer satisfaction. Proper fit, comfort and stability cannot be defined by one aspect of a helmet's interior. It requires a coordinated understanding of the bigger picture. The patent-pending design of the FCS® cheek pads turn the already impressive Arai cheek pad design into a comprehensive and integral part of the helmet's overall fit and function. It takes a commitment to making a product better and not simply accepting good enough, even when what you already have is generally regarded as being the best.

                             Features and Benefits

  Intermediate Oval: The XD4 has Arai’s INTERMEDIATE OVAL (IO) shell shape. This shape is designed for the rider whose head has a Front-to-Back dimension that is longer than the Side-to-Side dimension.
  New Shell Shape: New shell shape for better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds, works in concert with the high-flow peak and new side cowl vents.
  Re-Designed Peak: One of the keys to the original XDs uniqueness was Arai's Twin-Cam Shield Pivot System that enables the shield to operate fully beneath the mounted peak without protruding. The shield stays low when it's raised, allowing the peak to be mounted lower, resulting in better aerodynamics and a better appearance. The XD4's peak has been re-designed for even better stability and airflow - and tested to perform up to street-legal speeds. The shield system is also designed for the shield to be used in combination with the peak, alone without the peak, or with the peak and no shield, as desired.
  Brow Vents: Arai's trademark Brow Vents have been added to the XD4, giving the XD series the final piece of the ventilation puzzle. As with all Arai street helmets, an optional shield with pins is available for use with optional Pin-Lock Anti-Fog inserts.
  WARNING: Although this XD4 shield will fit on earlier XD versions, DO NOT INSTALL THIS SHIELD ON ANY EARLIER MODEL. As there are no receiving ducts for this shield's Brow Vents in earlier helmets, debris, insects, etc., might enter through the vents and interfere with the wearer's vision and/or damage wearer's eyes. Further, if the XD4 shield is tinted, light entering through the vent slots may distract the wearer.
  Re-Designed Chin Vent: The XD4 has an all new chin vent design with more intake ports, this along with larger sculpted side cowl vents help improve ventilation efficiency as well as helmet stability at higher speeds.
  FCS® Cheek Pad: New FCS® (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design adds just the right amount of pressure when needed while being worn, but seamlessly gets out of the way when putting on and taking off the XD4. Another example of Arai's attention to all aspects of fit.
  Removable Liner with Microfit Ability: The XD4 also features Arai's INNOVATIVE DRY-COOL® LINING MATERIAL. The Dry-Cool® liner actually utilizes micro water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer from your head into the airflow around Arai's exclusive Space Frame Liner. Along with 5mm peel-away temple pads add another level of customization, providing a little extra width when needed enhanced customer benefits like micro fitment interior.
  Re-Designed Ventilation: New exhaust ports added to the top diffuser vents nearly double the airflow, while using the same four 10mm vent holes in the helmet shell. Along with larger sculpted side cowl vents these two feature help improve ventilation efficiency as well as helmet stability at higher speeds.
  Emergency Cheek-Pad Release System: Yet another Arai innovation, first introduced on the VX-Pro3 dirt helmet. From Arai’s decades-long commitment to rider safety comes the first Emergency.
  Cheek-Pad Release design created specifically for motorcycle helmets. Developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the XD4’s cheek-pads slide out easily via the integrated pull-tabs built into the underside of the cheek-pad - which makes helmet removal much easier for trained medical technicians.
  Shell Construction: These days, there are almost as many revolutionary shell-construction materials as there are new helmet brands. Arai’s decades of experience, research, testing, comparison and evaluation has led us to conclude that fiberglass-based construction is best at performing a motorcycle-helmet shell’s main job - spreading impact energy over the widest area through strength, structural integrity and impact-flexibility. The XD4’s cLc (Complex Laminate Construction) shell utilizes Arai’s proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a very lightweight package.
  Special note: Maybe this is common sense, but because of the world we live in our lawyers say this needs to be said: The visor/peak supplied with the XD4 helmet is not suitable for high-speed use. At such speeds air catching a side or main surface of the peak may cause difficulty in returning the head to a forward and/or level position. To understand and prepare for this possible effect, you should first try to experience it at low speeds, gradually increasing speed so that you will know what to expect and determine when the peak should be removed for higher-speed riding.
  One-Piece EPS Liner: Arai’s multi-density EPS liner is like no other, comprised of up to five different densities in some models—and molded into a single piece. Arai pioneered this technology more than 20 years ago and is still, to our knowledge, the only helmet offering a single-piece hybrid liner and its unique benefit: the direct-fused contact area that each EPS cell shares with it neighboring cells creates a mutual support - as one is crushed under impact, the surrounding cells assist with the energy absorption. (Liner pieces that are simply fitted or glued together cannot rely on such a high-level support bond.)
  The wider eyeport uses Arai's SAI series faceshield that fits so flush that it looks almost like a continuation of the shell
  WARNING: Fluorescent and or bright finishes used in certain Arai helmets are not covered by warranty and may fade with the passage of time and exposure to the elements.

        sizing chart

How to fit a helmet video - Learn the right way to fit a helmet.
Arai Sizing Chart
When buying a helmet it is important to ensure that you have measured your head correctly.

It is important to measure the circumference of your head from above your ears, passing the tape measure over the center of your forehead, and over the natural bump that everyone has at the back of their head resulting in the largest possible measurement. If you have longer or shorter hair, there may be some tolerance either way. So if you prefer a tight fit, we recommend a smaller size and if you prefer a loose fit, go for the bigger size. Take several measurements to make sure you have the correct one.

The right way to measure
your head:

Note: After measuring your head you may find yourself between sizes on the Arai sizing chart – when this happens you should opt for the smaller helmet size, as the interior helmet padding will give way relatively quickly, and will ensure your head fits snugly.

Interior Liners:
All current Arai motorcycle helmets have removable liners, these are available in many sizes to customize the helmet for a better fit.

Cheek Pads:
All Arai Motorcycle Helmets have easily removable cheek pads to help you further customize the size of your helmet for a perfect fit. These cheek pads are available in many sizes.

Special Note:
On current Arai Motorcycle Helmets, by changing the interior liner and the cheek pads, it is possible to change the helmet half a size either way. To make the helmet bigger, use the thinnest interior liner and thinnest cheek pads. If you want to make it smaller, just use the thick liner and cheek pads.

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